We are excited to announce that Sentean Group has been acquired by SPARK TSL – a subsidiary of Volaris Group What does this mean? SPARK TSL is a leading, specialist provider of WiFi and patient engagement services to the NHS in the UK through their unique platform, SPARK® Media, with access to features such as TV, digital magazines, games and more to the patient’s fingertips. The merger with Sentean and Fusion Bedside Unit technology will enable both companies to accelerate their current offering, by creating a digital platform on which hospitals can rapidly deploy a complete suite of communication and entertainment services alongside apps that save staff time while delivering a comprehensive service to patients. Willem-Jan te Riele, managing director of Sentean Group, said: “With this acquisition, we have the opportunity to grow by bringing Fusion to the UK, using the fantastic SPARK TSL network, while offering some of SPARK TSL’s technology to the Netherlands. We have some exciting times ahead of us.” SPARK TSL is part of