MaasMedia will very soon be available at every bedside and will be available on Apple iPads available as “loan device” for long or short stays – what a wonderful service!

Currently, “work in progress” Apple iPads are being rolled out with Sentean Patient Engagement software under the name “MaasMedia”! Old TV mounts are being sustainably adapted to serve as iPad mounts, bookends or “charging stations” for patients’ own devices.
Sentean manages the iPads via Jamf MDM and the application is fully (HL7) integrated with ChipSoft for patient privacy and authentication. Food and drinks are available thanks to PinkRoccade Healthcare Culicart.

We therefore look forward to a pleasant and successful collaboration with Maasziekenhuis Pantein B.V. and we especially thank Dave Simons & Tom Maassen for their confidence and the coordination of this project.