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Fusion provides a unique total solution for Healthcare Providers and healthcare Consumers.
When you end up in hospital or when you are in regular contact with Healthcare Providers, you would like to be in control as much as possible. prior to treatment, during your stay in a healthcare institution, and during revalidation.

Fusion contributes at every stage of your treatment

Preparing for your treatment

  • Overview of your treatment plan
  • Animation of your operation
  • Information about your specialists
  • The hospital route

During your treatment

  • Contact with your family members
  • Netflix & other streaming services
  • Games
  • Ordering food

After your treatment

  • An overview of, and information about, your medication
  • Reminders for taking your medication

Information & entertainment

Fusion provides a complete and user-friendly solution for you and for the Healthcare Providers. Through Fusion, you will have, among other things, access to more information about your treatment, you can easily keep in touch with your practitioner and your loved ones, and you can distract yourself by playing games or watching TV. All this with one easy-to-use app.

Fusion makes service more accessible!

These days, it is important for patients to be in control. There are no more fixed times for eating or watching TV. he patients decide, for example, when the nurse comes to take their temperature, administer medication and the temperature or lighting in the room.

Sentean offers the following services:

  • TV, Radio & Internet
  • Ordering & planning meals
  • Ordering & planning drinks
  • Video calling
  • Entertainment
  • Service visits
  • Treatment information & Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Surveys and discharge evaluation

Mobile Solutions
Location and device independent

ActiveSecure technology

Inpatient and outpatient
For inpatient and outpatient communication between Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Consumers.


At Sentean, we will gladly inform and inspire you in the field of our digital complete solutions. We are also always at your disposal to think along with you and answer any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sentean Group HQ

Luchthavenweg 81 – Suite 005

The Netherlands
Phone. +31 (0)88 018 64 10