Isala provides patient-specific healthcare. We approach our patients pleasantly, hospitably and with compassion. This is also one of the basic principles of the new Meppel hospital that Isala is building. As of the hospital’s opening in March 2022, patients are able to use new Apple iPads in combination with the Sentean GastVrij (Hospitality) App. This will give patients more control over food & drink, relaxation and the information that they take in. Patients do not have to remain in bed but instead are encouraged to move around.

“Supporting and especially relieving the nursing staff, volunteers and internal support services. In addition, giving the patient more control and nice distractions. The days of eight o’clock news and eating at six o’clock are a thing of the past. It’s all on-demand, fresh and fun. Unfortunately, we can’t turn it into a party, but we can make the stay more pleasant and enjoyable. That is what we are doing with Sentean!”, says Willem-Jan te Riele, Director at Sentean Hospitality Group.

Patient in control

As Isala, we give patients control. Lieke Roescher, Chain Manager Patient Services, explains: “This has everything to do with exercise, experience and hospitality. Patients can use a nutrition app to indicate what and when they want to eat and drink. Being in hospital is no fun but we try to make their stay as pleasant as possible by offering entertainment. This includes TV channels, radio, games and internet. But also, video calling with the home front, and online religious services. As much as possible, we want to be an extension of home”.

Unburdening healthcare

As a facility service company, we unburden the healthcare system. Meta van der Veen, Isala Facility Manager: “Non-medical notifications will soon be passed on to the facility employee or volunteer so that the nursing staff can focus on healthcare. Patients will soon be able to request a glass of water, an extra pillow or a talk with the spiritual counsellor using the tablet. Finally, we see that patients need education and information. We will offer this on the tablet with patient-specific information about their illness and treatment. Using the patient-familiar portals such as MijnIsala as a starting point.”

For older patients too

Sentean GastVrij (Hospitality) is already active in dozens of hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad. The platform is very intuitive thanks to the use of Apple (iOS) and its ease of operation. is extremely secure and GDPR proof. You don’t need a manual, and with the Isala boarding video – voiced by RTL’s Jeroen Kijk in de Vegte – it is understandable for everyone”, says Willem-Jan. Lieke Roescher elaborates: “This is an important point for Isala, because the target audience for the hospital in Meppel are mainly seniors. By using clear pictograms and an extendable font, we are convinced that most of our patients can use the tablet. And if not, our volunteers and staff will of course behappy to help!

Collaboration with Sentean

We started this project within Isala nearly a year ago. Annemieke te Wierik, Facility Management consultant: “Together with the parties involved, such as healthcare, Facility Management, IT and Purchasing, we drew up an extensive list of requirements. All from the same objective; the best for the patient. The most difficult thing was to temper enthusiasm because lots of things are possible, but we’re going to start small. “We experience the collaboration with Sentean as very nice. The short lines of communication, their extensive experience and them thinking along with us contribute to a pleasant cooperation.”

Fltr: Victor Rooijakkers (Sentean), Annemieke te Wierik (Isala), Meta van der Veen (Isala), Willem-Jan ten Riele (Sentean) and Lieke Roescher (Isala).